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Child Cobalt

Children are a cheap and bountiful source of labour in poorer countries. When the fruits of their labour are highly valued or exist in a growing demand market, child labour can flourish. Then, instead of getting an education, a child can be used to feed the market. That child’s life can be cut short by […]

saturn storm

Cassini’s lesson on commitment

Around a quarter of a century ago, someone decided to send a space probe to Saturn. And in 1997, that’s exactly what they did. The space probe Cassini took seven years to get there and spent 13 years circling the planet. It is now about to embark on its swansong (or swan dive) into the […]

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The intriguing Maleness, Staleness and Paleness of Boards

We’ve been going on about Board diversity for a long time in Australia. Around 20 years. The premise is simple. Diversity avoids groupthink and brings broader perspectives to decision-making. Some studies show a positive correlation between company performance and Board diversity. Others don’t show any correlation. The few that show a negative correlation allude to […]

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ESG factors and investment in listed stocks

In my last post I pointed out some signs that ESG factors are being included in mainstream investment decisions. The decisions theoretically play out like this. Say there are two stocks, A & B, in a sector with broadly similar commodity outlooks. If stock A is exposed to downside ESG risks, it is downgraded. Consequently, all […]

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Do sharemarkets really reflect social and environmental risks?

As an investor with some shares in my personal and superannuation portfolios, I have in an interest in the future prospects of companies. I contemplate what pitfalls and windfalls lurk in the future. The sustainability of these companies. But I’m jumping ahead. Let’s start with “what factors determine future value of stock?” As we all […]