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Raj Aseervatham

Raj Aseervatham

My name is Raj Aseervatham and my career in the last twenty years has been in the world of corporate governance, predominantly on social and environmental issues.

I started my career as a mining regulator, then moved into the mining industry because – well, frankly it paid better and you flew to very cool places in business class more often.

Back then I worked as a development engineer for two of the biggest mining companies on the planet for over a decade, building mines in Africa, South America and Asia.

I stopped being an engineer in the 1990s when I saw how badly large companies could screw up peoples’ lives and the environment. I thought I’d try to be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

I’m no crusader. I’m a cynical realist, but a hopeful one. I like working with corporates, shareholders, financiers, NGOs, governments and everyday people, because I believe we need all of the above to genuinely tackle the bigger problems of our developed, developing and underdeveloped economies.


For many years, I have tried to do this from within corporates.

For a while, I did this as a consultant, and shepherded a successful consulting practice that grew to offices on four continents with a loyal list of Fortune 500 clients.

I published a book in 2016 with CRC Press (a division of Taylor & Francis Publishing, New York) on consulting. It’s a step by step guide, with insights from a score of talented entrepreneurs (many of whom made more of a mark than I did), on how to grow and sell a successful consulting firm. You can find it on most business booksellers’ websites.


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