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The intriguing Maleness, Staleness and Paleness of Boards

We’ve been going on about Board diversity for a long time in Australia. Around 20 years. The premise is simple. Diversity avoids groupthink and brings broader perspectives to decision-making. Some studies show a positive correlation between company performance and Board diversity. Others don’t show any correlation. The few that show a negative correlation allude to […]

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Do sharemarkets really reflect social and environmental risks?

As an investor with some shares in my personal and superannuation portfolios, I have in an interest in the future prospects of companies. I contemplate what pitfalls and windfalls lurk in the future. The sustainability of these companies. But I’m jumping ahead. Let’s start with “what factors determine future value of stock?” As we all […]

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Five alternative Yoga techniques for work-free vacations

If you are like me, work-free vacations are all good and fine in theory. My vacationing style was typically somewhere between KGB Deep Surveillance and DefCon 3. My iPhone is rarely set to stun… means business. I have a Wi-Fi Seek-and-Lock app. My backup data roaming package can run a small business for a decade. I […]