saturn storm

Cassini’s lesson on commitment

Around a quarter of a century ago, someone decided to send a space probe to Saturn. And in 1997, that’s exactly what they did. The space probe Cassini took seven years to get there and spent 13 years circling the planet. It is now about to embark on its swansong (or swan dive) into the […]

Elon Musk and the Battery v2

Elon Musk and the Battery of Silent Revolutions

When I test-drove a Model S Tesla I was quietly disappointed. It moved like a spaceship. Wait, I haven’t actually ever been in a spaceship per se. Not even Elon Musk’s anything-you-can-do-Branson-I-can-do-too rocket. But I have watched enough space movies to know that once we’re in space it’s notably quiet.   When I depressed the accelerator (acutely […]

oil vs. gas

Oil, Gas and the Economy: The Oil Price Plays YOU

You’re a pawn. Yes, you. You’re addicted to oil. You love the idea of an emissions-free world, with renewable energy and a green, economically stable future; but you can’t live without oil.  Yes, oil. Even you, the non-driver, with your bicycle-riding to work, in your oil-based lycra and oil-based plastic helmet and oil-based lubricants and […]