About Corporate Jujitsu


Corporate Jujitsu has my stories and reflections on corporate ethics, conduct, transparency and the inner workings of the corporate world.  I’ve worked as a regulator, a consultant and in multi-national companies for over two decades, and I advocate that corporates can and must do the “right thing”.  But the right thing is easier said than done.

Why Jujitsu?

There’s a lot of grappling in jujitsu, and a reliance on balance and leverage. Just like there is a lot of grappling with ethics in business; a lot of nuances and leverage and counterpoints, and a perennial quest for balance.

Corporate Jujitsu is a place for discussion, and I welcome your comments on posts and on social media. Please join me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also contact me via email.



  1. Congratulations and a great commentary and vehicle for connecting and promoting discussions.
    You picked some interesting topics to start with.
    The challenge will be if you can get some of the CEOs posting a topic to not sell their viewpoint but that creates a thing of broader value to society. I am not against corporates making money, they need and must do it – it is the extreme greed that we sometimes see develop in the pursuit of this without the balance.
    Look forward to this as it develops.

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