An Artisanal Mining story

This story is about the choices and consequences of artisanal mining next to a large mine. But I have to change the names, places, minerals. In the country of Wakanda, there was a rich body of vibranium. A multinational company took out a mineral lease, backed by the King of Wakanda. In the past, the ancestors of […]

yoga ubud vacations

Five alternative Yoga techniques for work-free vacations

If you are like me, work-free vacations are all good and fine in theory. My vacationing style was typically somewhere between KGB Deep Surveillance and DefCon 3. My iPhone is rarely set to stun… means business. I have a Wi-Fi Seek-and-Lock app. My backup data roaming package can run a small business for a decade. I […]

Cobalt child labour congo iphone Raj Aseervatham

Smartphones, child labour and cobalt in the Congo

Many years ago, when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic drowned (apologies for the spoiler), I laughed out loud. Much to the collective anger of misty-eyed and openly sobbing cinema-goers of one particular gender; which I shall not name. I survived only because the cinema was too dark for me to be clearly identified. A long time later, I grudgingly acknowledged Leo […]