corporate gender diversity

Heel Up for Gender Diversity in Corporations, Chaps

Men are, on average, a bit confused about what to do and what not to do on this whole gender diversity journey in today’s corporations. Now I’m not talking about your Ian Narevs or David Gonskis, who seem to have attained some level of enlightenment and effect. I’m talking about the dudes in the trenches, […]

oil vs. gas

Oil, Gas and the Economy: The Oil Price Plays YOU

You’re a pawn. Yes, you. You’re addicted to oil. You love the idea of an emissions-free world, with renewable energy and a green, economically stable future; but you can’t live without oil.  Yes, oil. Even you, the non-driver, with your bicycle-riding to work, in your oil-based lycra and oil-based plastic helmet and oil-based lubricants and […]

Mugabe's Bungee Therapy

Robert Mugabe’s Bungee Therapy

Everything has its ups and downs, and working on socio-economic issues is no different. In some countries, where governance is weak, there are plenty of downs, and not so many ups. Sometimes I think it’s easier not to bother. Other times, apathy feels like a road to hell. Randal and I have finished an assignment […]

governance and boards

Governance Above Board

The tension among Board members in any listed company is ramping up. And up.  In the 1980s and 1990s, it was a sweet gig to be a Board member. You merely bashed your CEO around the head, had your Chairman fire him (there were relatively few women, so I can get away with gender-specific prose […]