trouble with consultation

The Problem With Corporate Consultation

The polite thing to do, when you build a 400-foot dam and inundate an area the size of a small city, is to consult with the people who live on that land. Of course, you wouldn’t not do it; that would actually be spectacularly forgetful or naïve of you. At the very least, a perfunctory […]

whoops human right

Whoops! I Broke a Human Right

The violation of a human right isn’t funny, but the stunned-mullet look on a senior manager’s face when he or she has unwittingly contributed to the violation would, in any other circumstances, make you laugh. Ninety-nine-point-nine times out of a hundred, corporate executives are not a reincarnation of Pol Pot. They just don’t know any […]

the humble bribe image

The Humble Bribe

It’s easy and appropriate to be deeply aghast that a corporate has paid a bribe to get its own way on something. The fact is that bribery has been a part of human nature for a long time; coincidentally, around since the first laws were made. Let’s look at the modern landscape of bribes in […]

Miners v NGOs

Refereeing Miners vs NGOs

A corporation wants to build a mine in an area of some environmental value. Plant and animal species, and water resources, are at risk. An impact assessment will be carried out. Two years of consultation will pass. If satisfactory, the law will allow you to go ahead; a permit could be granted. Environmental NGOs protest. […]

greed is good

Greed IS Good

Shareholders (that’s you and me) are, in general, a greedy lot. “What, me?“ you cry indignantly. Yes. We’re hungry for dividends, and we’re hungry for growth. We want our investment to put money in our bank every year and for the value of our investment (the share price) to grow. That’s both a good thing […]